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Half of the global energy demand will be met by renewable energy sources in 30years. This has been proven by solar electricity generation. In addition to photovoltaics, solar thermal power stations are central to solar electricity generation. , We has researched to optimize the components of such power stations and has carried out theoretical investigations on solar energy concentration concepts. Do some cooperation with other partners, a new demonstration plant is being constructed , We do linear or circle focus fresnel collectors for use in solar thermal power stations and solar light.

We carry an extensive range of fresnel lens in China. We engage in the research, development and production of line focus fresnel lens and circle focus lens. Cost-Effective Manufacturing of Custom lens,Complex Design fresnel lens for solar CPV cells array , steam engine or other application.

The management team of the company consists of overseas Chinese specialists, researchers, scholars and professors. They handle the daily operation of the company, develop new products and guard the product quality. The team merges the market needs with up to date international engineering technology and a modern management system. The company is consistently developing high quality products for various applications to fulfill the need of both domestic and international markets.

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We are able to manufacture in accordance with custom specifications.we begin the lens mold with a fresnel lens drawing submitted by the client. For those who do not have a drawing available, our engineers can design a cost-effective yet innovative mold according to your requirements.